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Runes of Ira: Chapter Five

Ramus the Runesmith set off from the cottage before the break of dawn. Taking with him his clothes, money, book and the tools he himself owned, all he left behind was a letter sealed with wax. All of his possessions were packed tightly into a rucksack resting heavily on his shoulders. His resignation, written on a scrap of paper from his book, was the only thing left behind on the table back at the cottage. It would relieve Yuliu of all of her responsibilities towards him and ending their contract. The contract he had received from Pilon was gripped tightly in his right hand as he made his way north from his former Master’s homestead that he had known well for nearly seven years.
He refused to look back as he descended the hill and got onto the road running alongside the river. His teeth were gritted tightly against one another as he walked, a bittersweet feeling resting on his heart. The bridge was not too far that would allow him to cross to the northern road and make his way to wher…

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